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Mark 1

Item Redstone.png
Item Basic Logistics Pipe.png
Item Stone Gear.png
Item Crafting Logistics Pipe.png

The Crafting Logistics Pipe allows your System to memorize and automatically perform Crafting Tasks.
It uses an adjacent Inventory to craft the Item. It can use any Machine, for example, you can use an IC2 Extractor to craft Resin into Rubber or a TE Powered Furnace to smelt ore.
To configure the Pipe, simply right-click it with a Wrench of some Sort.

Normal Crafting Recipes can be set in an adjacent Logistics Crafting Table.
In the Pipe´s GUI, you can directly access the adjacent Inventory via the OPEN Button.
You can directly Import the Recipe from a Logistics Crafting Table via the IMPORT Button.

When a Crafting Request gets issued, the Pipe pulls the necessary materials from your Network and inserts them into the adjacent Inventory, if there is not enough room in the inventory the excess ingredients will be returned to their originating inventory until there is room.
It waits until the Result is visible, then pulls the Result out.
Do Note: It pulls from ANY Side, you do not have to have other Pipes on the Inventory!
WARNING: If the Machine Auto-ejects into the logistics network, or you Extract the Item otherwise, your System will NOT know the Item was Crafted!

If your Crafting requires multiple inputs in different locations, you can use a Satellite Pipe to mark the additional Destinations for needed Items.

The crafting pipe does not have to be used with a machine. It simply puts items into an inventory, then waits for the result to appear in the inventory it is attached to.
This allows for other mods to process the items, it will successfully pull out the result as long as the result is put into the inventory that the crafting pipe is attached to.

If you attach more than one Inventory to a Crafting Pipe, it will split incoming requested Items equally between all of them and check all of them for Results.

Mark 2

Item Gold Gear.png
Item Crafting Logistics Pipe.png
Item Redstone.png
Item Crafting Logistics Pipe Mk2.png
Item Redstone Golden Chipset.png
Item Crafting Logistics Pipe.png
Item Crafting Logistics Pipe Mk2.png

The Mark 2 version crafts 16 items at a time (prior to Minecraft 1.6.2 this requires buildcraft pipes.maxItems > 1000 to be set in the buildcraft config file).

Mark 3

Item Nano Hopper.png
Item Redstone Diamond Chipset.png
Item Crafting Logistics Pipe Mk2.png
Item Iron Ingot.png
Item Crafting Logistics Pipe Mk3.png

The Mark 3 version behaves like the mark 2 but also has an internal buffer to store excess ingredients.


Mark 1

Behaves identically to the pipe allowing you to easily have one machine fulfil several recipes.

Mark 2

Behaves identically to the pipe.

Mark 3

Behaves identically to the pipe.


The crafting pipe set up to craft a chest.


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