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Additional Pipes

Logistics pipes will send items and power via phase pipes. The phase pipes do not have to be adjacent to a logistics pipe. Phase pipes connected in patterns other than 1:1 will behave strangely.

Applied Energistics

AE will provide power to LP networks, and also use LP power.

If a Request Logistics Pipe is placed on an interface then AE will use LP items and LP crafting.
If a Provider Logistics Pipe is placed on an interface, the contents of the AE network will be provided to the LP network.
The LP network currently does not have the capability of asking for AE crafting (this is a feature request currently being worked on).
An Extractor Module on an interface will extract everything from the network.
A QuickSort Module on an interface will quicksort everything in the network.


There are several Forestry specialized sinks for handling Bees, including an apiarist module (which has the same filtering options as the apiarist pipe), a general bee sink, and a high-priority un-analyzed bee sink (which you can place on an analyzer and have all un-analyzed bees be analyzed).

Computer Craft

Every Logistics Pipe acts as a Peripheral and has a ComputerCraft API.
Request Logistics Pipes can check inventory levels, and request crafting or delivery of items.
Crafting Logistics Pipes can be checked for what recipe they are set to, and can trigger a re-import of the recipe from the attached machine.


The Request Logistics Pipe Mk2 is capable of reading aspects (hold shift as normal). The Remote Orderer is not capable of reading aspects.
There is a Thaumcraft item-sink module which can be set to only sink items with specific aspects.

Thermal Expansion

Logistics pipes will send items and power via tesseracts. Tesseracts only work when they are connected 1:1, and care should be taken to ensure that NO OTHER inventories are adjacent to the Tesseract (the tesseract randomly selects a destination, so will quite happily deliver things to something other than the destination logistics pipe, and break requests).
Logistics Liquid Insertion Pipe extract fluids from a tesseract and sends them to the network.
Crafting Logistics Pipes on TE machines should be placed on a blue face, with another face (not connected to any pipes) being set to output. The crafter pipe will insert items into the attached face, and expect the result to be visible from any face. If you set the output face to a pipe, then the result will be directly injected into the network, and it will not be flagged as satisfying the actual crafting request. {Insert pic}
Caches and Strongboxes(If not private!) will be treated like normal Storage Containers and are Fully Supported!

Special Inventories

Many barrel types have a special inventory handler, to recognise the larger than typical inventory exposed.
Applied energetics: A provider on an ME interface will provide all items available.
Factorization barrels, PowerCrystals MineFactoryReloaded Deep storage units, BetterStorage Crates, Storage Drawers Drawers, JABBA Barrels and BarrelMod Barrels are all correctly handled.

Other storage blocks which appear (to connected pipes) to be a single large chest (such as the extra-bees indexer) are all correctly handled.


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