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Logistics Power Transport


The power transportation upgrade is used as part of the system to transport power through the Logistics Pipes network. Unlike the Logistics Power Provider and the Power Supplier Upgrade a Power Transportation Upgrade can route all types of power. Both Redstone Flux(RF) and Energy Units(EU) from Industrialcraft 2 are supported. Laser Color changes to indicate wich type is being transported, Red for Redstone Flux, Yellow for Energy Units.

Power has to be supplied via a Logistics Power Provider. Place the Power Provider next to any type of Routed Pipe and insert a Power Transportation Upgrade into said Pipe to be able to route Power. A Power Supplier Upgrade serves as the output point for the laser. Basically, Power gets routed FROM a Provider, OVER Transportation Upgrades, TOWARDS a Supplier Upgrade.


In this simple example, we used a Basic Pipe and a Redstone Flux Provider, to provide a nearby Energy Cell with Redstone Flux. At first, without Upgrades, nothing happens and the Pipes do not connect to the target Energy Cell: PowerRoutingInert.png

AFTER we inserted the Power Transportation Upgrade into the Basic Pipe next to the Power Provider and inserted the Power Supplier Upgrade into the Basic Pipe next to the target Energy Cell, our System will feed Power from the Provider to the Energy Cell: PowerRoutingActive.png

NOTE: Notice the blue Dots on the Pipes, these indicate a valid connection for the Laser.


1. Straight Lines: A Logistics Power Laser is nothing but a very potent beam of Light. It is not capable of making Turns on its own. If you want to route a laser through a Corner, aka. make it turn by 90°, you will need to have a Routed Pipe with a Power Transportation Upgrade at the Corner.

2. Routed Junctions: Whenever a Laser wants to pass through ANY type of Routed Pipe, that Pipe requires a Power Transportation Upgrade to pass the Laser on further. A non upgraded routed Pipe in the middle of a straight Line of Pipes act as a Dead End for the Laser.


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