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This pipe is used in conjunction with the Crafting Logistics Pipe to handle situations in crafting where the machine accepts multiple inputs from different sides to craft an item. It must be set an ID in its GUI to function.

For instance, to get charcoal on demand, a crafting pipe would be used on the top of a furnace, and a satellite pipe would be connected to the bottom. In the crafting pipe interface, you select the satellite ID of the associated pipe, and then put logs in the left side of the crafting pipe interface, and some fuel source on the satellite side. Finally you would place charcoal in the result area in the crafting pipe.

Multiple crafting pipes can be linked to the same satellite pipe, this could be used to allow one machine to do multiple crafting recipes by having a satellite pipe attached to its input and having the output sent to a chest which the crafting pipes are attached to.


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